Young parents and babies

Young parents and babies

Supported living for young parents and their babies is one of the best things that we can do to help the next generation grow up well.


Being a teenager and a parent is hard, having a special need on top of that makes it even harder in Today’s society. A teenager is not a fully developed adult both physically and emotionally. Many young parents find themselves trying to figure it all out themselves, which can lead to breakdown and worse without the right support.

Supported Living

Learning to manage a household, care for a child, take care of oneself, and understand all the changes that a baby bring is difficult for anyone at any stage in life. It’s doubly hard if you’re still going to school, don’t have a career, or are living on your own for the first time as a young person yourself.


Support Workers who Care

Most of our Support Workers are parents themselves. They’ve raised their own children, but more than that, they’ve been trained to support and help new parents do their best with their babies. From breastfeeding to infant illnesses, parenting is tough, but the right guiding hand can make all the difference.

Success for Everyone

The team at Verrolyne Services is committed to helping young parents succeed and raise healthy babies. This is done through nutrition counseling, learning to care for baby’s physical and emotional health, and understanding how to navigate the busy world of adulthood.

The Support Workers at Verrolyne have years of experience helping parents care for children and caring for children themselves. They know how to stay calm when the baby is screaming, how to combat postpartum depression, and how to merge working with caring for an infant.

In everything we do, we work to help young parents to live independently. Parents with special needs often need an extra hand to understand how to make an independent life include a child.

The compassionate Support Workers from Verrolyne Services are the perfect parents to provide support in our supported living services to young parents and their beautiful babies.

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