CYP with Autism and Challenging Behaviour

CYP with Autism and Challenging Behaviour

Being a teenager or a youth is challenging enough on its own, a youth or teenager with autism can make that doubly challenging for any parents or guardians. But with the right supported living services, you can have reassurance and confidence that your child or family member can achieve independence safely whilst growing and working towards their goals in life.

The Support Workers at Verrolyne Services are trained to help CYP with autism and challenging behaviour. Equipped with the right training and compassion, they deliver an excellent service to young people and children in our supported living services.

We offer person-centred care where we devise a support plan based on the needs of the young person or child in partnership with you as the parent of next of kin and other professionals involved as well as the young person and child at the centre of it all.

Complete Care and Assistance

Our Support Workers help to support a child or young person’s ability to communicate, care for themselves, and learn to live independently within a safe and caring environment that they call home.

Each of their days with the CYP is spent seeking ways to help them grow and spread their wings, all the while being there to watch over possible limitations.

Choice and Inclusion

Choice is one of the most important parts of growing up, whether you’re on the autism spectrum or not. Our Support Workers facilitate choices to give the child or young person the satisfaction of making their own decisions and beginning to grow into a self-sufficient adult.

Peace of Mind

As a parent it is normal to worry about your child and their care, you want to know that you are doing your best to help them with growing up to be this amazing person who can achieve their full potential, and we understand that.

At Verrolyne Services, we are parents too. We know how you’re feeling, and we make decisions that will always be in the best interest of your child whilst keeping them safe and cared for. We will make sure that you feel included in their care and progress and are updated on what’s going on constantly.

CYP are Different

Children and young people are different from adults. That might seem obvious, but too often, in personal care services, they are treated the same. Depending on the abilities of the young person, their priorities and their needs are very different.

Our Support Workers understand this and will care for each young person in our supported living service based on their needs and treat them like the wonderful individual blossoming into an adult that they are.

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