Adults with Autism and Challenging Behaviour

Adults with Autism and Challenging Behaviour

People diagnosed with autism, or those who are on the spectrum have a wide range of needs and requirements, which is why Verrolyne Services offers entirely bespoke services for every client, it is not a one size fits all service with us.

Whether you are living in your home or with another person on the autism spectrum in a supported living setting, our Support workers will provide you with the level of care you need as per your support plan.

Your Views and Your Needs

To create a care plan, we work with you, your family, medical personnel, and anyone you want involved.
We take into account everything, your views, your needs, your wants, and much more, which is what a person centred approach is all about.

Since everything is bespoke for you and is done with you at the centre, you’re guaranteed to get the care you want, when you want it.

Anytime you need

Our Supported Workers are available any time to provide the service you need so that you can live a life as independent as possible in our supported living accommodation. We can offer you from a few hours a day to 24 hours support 7 days a week all year round.

Independence with a Helping Hand

Our support workers are there to help you, not do it all for you, unless that’s what you need. We’re committed to helping you reach and grow in your independence and well being.

From the first meeting to your everyday routine our support workers are there for you and will support you
To become more independent. From teaching, you new skills to helping you find the right equipment to make you more self-sufficient, we’re here to make your life better.

Autism Specialist

More and more people are being diagnosed with autism and as an organisation we have invested a lot in training our staff towards working with those on the spectrum, so they can be supported in a more effective and specialist way.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your supported living requirements.

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