Peg Tube Feeding

Percutaneous endoscopic Gastronomy Tube, otherwise known as PEG tube is a method of feeding for those who cannot eat through their mouth due to many problems that may occur with the mouth, throat or oesophagus. This is a common way of getting nutrition into someone who is unable to eat, it is important to care for the tube as there can be complications if the tube is not looked after properly and there is some sort of infection. Verrolyne Services provide some of the best care for those who need peg tube feeding and need to look after the nutrition of the patient. It is often not okay for armatures to administer anything through the peg tube. It can cause blockage and swelling, which if left unchecked can cause death, this is why it is important to have professionals take care of the peg tube and everything to do with it. There are many problems that can occur if a peg tube feeding is done incorrectly.

  1. Blockage

Blockage of the tube can be caused by many things but the common two are the wrong method of feeding and medication or the wrong flushing agents that are used.

  • Aspiration

Is caused by the contents of the PEF feed flowing into the lungs due to the placement of the tube being fresh, hence the freshly inserted tubes need 6 hours to set. There is also a possibility of this happening if the Peg feed is delivered to the patient while they lay flat, hence it should be made sure that the patient is in 30’ degree angle.

  • Leakage

Leakage of Feed or gastric fluids is one of the most problematic things in PEG tube feed that can occur hence it needs to be dealt carefully.

  • Site infection

This is a problem that can occur around the stoma and causes irritation as well as redness around the site of the insertion of the tube or otherwise known as the Stoma.

These are the problems to look out for and that is why the patient should have proper care provided by Verrolyne services as we make sure to look out for all the signs and all other problems that come with a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy tube (PEG tube), we take care of everything including the feeding the care and the cleaning attached with the Peg tube feeding.

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