Outreach Support And Social Inclusion

Outreach Support and Social Inclusion

For many children with autism, the move to mainstream school is a huge undertaking. It can be scary and confusing.

For parents, who’ve never experienced this situation, it’s equally upsetting as they release their child into
an environment that can, at times, seem hostile.

The team at Verrolyne Services is here to help. Our staff understands the changes that occur when a special needs child becomes involved in the outside world.

We can help make that transition smoother:

  • For the child – We’re able to provide the strong guidance they need to handle things as they come up. Our staff will talk with them, listen to their experiences, and help them figure out how to respond the next time.
  • For the parents – Mum and dad will have lots of questions, both before and after the transition to mainstream school. We can answer all of them.

Home Support

No matter the level of disability, our team provides the support you need to help overcome issues.
Speech support, learning disabilities, and emotional/socializing support are all available through
Verrolyne Services.

Our team assesses your needs, finds the right person to provide your family with support, and helps your child succeed.

Why outreach and social inclusion are so vital

For children with learning disabilities, autism, or other disorders, the ability to function in society is vital.
By becoming part of society, they’re able to have a fuller life, learn to be on their own, and are given the satisfaction of personal accomplishments.

Learning the life skills one gets from social inclusion can lead to greater independence and friendships.

Let Verrolyne Services Help You

Our team is here for you and your child. We understand what you’re both going through as your child transitions to mainstream life, and can support you throughout that process.

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