Live in Care

Live-In Help is the Answer

If you have a child that has special needs from birth, an illness, or an accident, you know it can be exhausting. If the need is great enough, they can take up all your time, preventing you from working or even being able to leave the house to go to the shops.

With the help of Verrolyne Services, your child can have the constant care she or he needs from a carer who stays in your home all day and night.

Working Well

Our live-in carers will work from morning to night. We expect that they can get a break in the day and that they’re allowed to rest at night, but they’re there to take care of much of your child’s needs.

A carer will work for you for two weeks and then take two weeks off. Of course, we send in a new carer for the next two weeks. This helps forge a team that’s available to you at all times and makes sure that your needs are met, whilst maintaining consistency and continuity for your child.

Every Level of Care

Our carers don’t stop at the edge of the bed. They are there for companionship, learning, cleaning, cooking, and even transportation to the doctor’s or to a park.

In other words, a Verrolyne Services carer will become part of your life, there to guide you and your child to the fullest, safest life you can have.

Finding the Right Carer

One of the biggest challenges for parents is finding someone that will fit in well with your family. At Verrolyne Services, we take care of that.

Our management team will ask all the right questions to understand the personalities in your family, as well as actual physical needs. We then recommend the carers that we feel will fit best with your family. If that person doesn’t fit, we will continue to work with you to find the right person.

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