Domiciliary care

Domiciliary Care is Better

Yes, there are situations where a care home or even a hospital is better for your child, but for many children, care at home is healthier and less stressful.

At Verrolyne Services, we provide an incredibly high level of care right in your home. Everything your child needs can be done every day in your home by one of our skilled carers.

  • Food and nutrition
  • Medication management
  • Household chores
  • Support with advice and information
  • Companionship
  • Personal care
  • Errands including doctor visits and other healthcare issues.

Home is Best

Even for children who can’t interact with their environment, home is the best place. The sound, the smell, and the visual environment are all familiar. This reduces stress, speeds healing, and helps everyone in the family to be happier.

Our carers are able to become part of the family. They’re there to help you take care of the child and your house.

No matter the cause

Whether your child’s condition started at birth or was caused by an injury or an illness, we help you make sure that your child and your family are well cared for.

Light Care

One of the most popular reasons that families opt for domiciliary care is that they need just a little extra assistance.

Perhaps you need help with shopping and cleaning up. Maybe it’s a bit of a break from caretaking to be able to get a few things done. Our carers are there for you at every turn.

No Need to Worry

Some families are hesitant to accept domiciliary care believing that they should be able to handle everything themselves.

In fact, the extra help is not only best for the family, but best for the child. We make sure that everything is taken care of quickly and well.

There’s never any shame in getting a little extra help around the house and with your child’s needs.

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