Complex care

Complex care

From stoma care to immobility, at Verrolyne Services, we believe every child deserves the best life we can offer them. That’s why our carers are extensively trained, highly skilled, and very caring.

If your child has a need for complex care from a nurse or skilled caregivers, we can find the right person for your needs. We match your needs and your child’s personality with the right carer to make sure every day is pleasant and safe.

Every Level of Care for Your Child

Whether your child needs only a little care each day or if they need constant attention, the team at Verrolyne Services helps you do it.

It starts with a detailed conversation with our management team. That gives us a chance to not only learn about your child’s medical needs, but also to gauge yours and your child’s personalities.

The next step is to provide you with a carer that has the skills to take care of everything for you. They’re also chosen to fit in well with your family. Since they’ll be around a great deal, it’s important that you actually like each other.

Complete Files

Just in case your carer is not available on any given day, we maintain complete records of care needs. This allows us to send someone with similar skills to your home to take care of your child.

There’s never a break in the care you receive from Verrolyne Services; we’re one team here for you at all times.

Get Started with Complex Care for Your Child

All you need to do to get started is click the button below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible and we’ll start the process of making sure that you, your child, and your entire family are getting the care you all need.

More than Just Medical

In many cases, a visiting or community nurse will only come in and lend a hand where medical assistance is needed. The carers at Verrolyne Services are different. We offer you support for your whole life, from medical to laundry to cooking to transportation.

Verrolyne Services is your complete complex care service provider.

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