Live-in Care to Stay at Home

“This is my home, and I don’t want to leave it.”
“I’m comfortable here.”
“This is what’s familiar to Mum.”

We hear this type of statement constantly.

Our clients want to stay home as long as possible, but that sometimes means 24-hour care.

With Verrolyne Services’ amazing team of carers, you can stay home.

Why Live-in Care?

There are numerous reasons why live-in care can be the right solution. Here are a few of the most
common ones:

  • You have a tendency to wander off at odd hours.
  • You need more care throughout the day than a visiting team can offer.
  • You’re frail in the body, but independent in your heart.
  • You dread having to go to a care home.
  • You want to keep your home to give it to your children or grandchildren.
  • You feel more comfortable and at peace in your home environment.

No matter what your reasons are, the team at Verrolyne Services will be there to help out, as we understand.

Welcome Your Care Assistant

A Care assistant is someone who’s there throughout the day to help with your needs, ranging from the housekeeping to full medical care. They’re available at various hours to meet your needs.

  • Personal care – Bathing, personal hygiene, even getting up in the morning
  • Housekeeping – Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and more
  • Medical care – Medication management, support with administration of medication
  • Companionship – Someone to talk to and interact with
  • Personal protection – Have someone in the house to watch over you
  • Peace of mind – Your family will know that someone caring and competent is there

Flexible Scheduling

Every day is different, and your live-in care assistant can help you get through everything.

Ready for an outing? Your carer is there.
Need to get ready for bed? That’s handled.
Hungry? Supper’s on the stove.

Fully Vetted

Each employee goes through a rigorous background check and training program. We know that they
Will provide reliable assistance every day.

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