Complex Care

Many complex care cases require specialist care and support, the team at Verrolyne Services is here to
Help. We cover the following and many more:

  • Learning Difficulties – Mild to severe
  • Traumatic & Acquired Brain Injuries – Physical Disabilities & Rehabilitation, Emotional support,
  • Social interaction / Confidence skills, Daily living support
  • Neurological Care and Dementia – Alzheimer’s, AVM, Epilepsy
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Tracheostomy care, Bowel and Bladder management, Ventilator support
  • Paediatrics/support for Children – Every level of care

Whenever possible, we provide care and services in the client’s home. This creates more independence, is less expensive, and makes the experience less traumatic as the service user is in a familiar environment with familiar faces.

We work closely with the CCG’s and Continuing Health Care teams to organize care packages that are NHS funded that includes fast track cases, complex, and 24-hour care.

Personal Budgets

Because we’re committed to providing you with the maximum amount of independence, choice, and
Control, we welcome personal budget schemes.

While we continue to work with your CHC teams and the family, we’re able to provide even more flexibility and options to the clients.

Working with CHC Professionals

The CHC teams know we understand what they want and need.

Our full-range of care options, from domiciliary to live-in care, means we’re able to provide precisely the level of support that the CHC team requests.

Out of Hours Support

No matter what time of day, there’s a Verrolyne professional to answer the telephone and any questions.
Whether it’s a simple change in care or a radical change of needs, our team is available 24/7 to ensure that our clients get the highest level of care possible.

Our carers are in constant contact with our management team as well. Support plans and care plans are updated in real-time to ensure that everyone knows what our client needs, what the family has requested, and the care instructions from the CHC team.

No one cares for you like Verrolyne Services

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